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Hi! I’m Morgan Arnold, a math and physics student at the University of British Columbia graduating in 2024. My chief interests lie at the nexus of math, physics, and computing, particularly in quantum information theory.

Outside of academia, I am an avid homelabber, and I am proud to say that the website that you are on right now is hosted in a Docker container that I have running on an old laptop. I also enjoy programming, and work on a variety of personal projects in my free time. I also absolutely adore languages and their study, including my native English, rather fluent French, markely less fluent Japanese, and a small amount of Esperanto. I’m not currently attempting to learn more, but I look for every chance to improve in the ones which I aready speak to some degree.

All that being said, welcome to my little corner of the internet. I sincerely hope that you find it as bizarre and bewildering a place as one could possibly hope for. I put a great deal of effort into making it that way.