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Hello! I wanted to take a bit of time to show a recent project that I’m proud of: my Advent of Code Discord bot! It has some nice features whose implementation I’m very pleased with, including built in rate limiting and response cacheing to make it impossible to overquery the Advent of Code API. It also has a really cool SQLite3 database system, with the ability to store a custom prefix for every server that it is in, as well as link Discord users to their Advent of Code account, so as to mention them when a leaderboard is sent out. Pleased as I am with this bot, there are still some parts of it that I’m not particularly happy with, and some of the code (particularly that related to the creation of the embed) is not well-written, in my opinion. Despite that, I’m very pleased with the project overall, and look forward to doing continued upgrades until the bot outlives its utility. If you’d be interested in adding this bot to your Discord server, you can use this invite link If you do decide to use it, I would highly reccommend that you get in contact with me directly, because this is buggier than your average bot. If you’re interested in the code, it may be found in this GitHub repo.